Get Started with Estate Planning

Get Started with Estate Planning

Get Started with Estate Planning

Getting Started with our Estate Planning Services.

To schedule a meeting at the most convenient time for you, either click the “Make an Appointment” button to the right, or call our office. We see clients Monday through Friday, by appointment only. We can also accommodate you by phone after normal business hours or on a Saturday, by special request. If you are unable to come to our office an attorney will meet you at your home or office. Our goal is to make the process as simple and convenient as possible for you.

Before Your Personal Estate Planning Consultation.

If you are looking for an estate planning attorney in Naples, please complete the form linked to below online and be sure to submit it at least three days before your initial meeting. You may also download a copy of the form and submit it to us by mail, fax, electronic mail, or in-person. Please call us if you need assistance completing your worksheet or have any questions. If you have existing estate planning documents, please make sure we have them in our office at least a week before we meet so that we can review them in advance, if applicable.

About our Estate Planning Process.


The initial meeting usually takes a minimum of one hour and up to two hours. This meeting serves two purposes:

  1. To identify whether there is a good fit between you and the attorney who will become your “counselor for life.”
  2. To educate you about the law and what would happen if you died with your current plan, or with no plan at all.

Assuming that you and your attorney determine that there is a good fit between our firm and your family AND that you can benefit from our services, you and your attorney can work together to design a plan for your family right away.


Once you and your attorney have completed the design of your plan, you will schedule a convenient time to sign your documents.

We have a process of reviewing the documents with you that makes your plan so easy to understand that you will know for certain that it can accomplish your goals. Once you sign your documents, your assets and your family are protected as discussed during your design meeting.


Takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on questions and the extent we have reviewed things in advance.

You are permitted a 1-3 page amendment for up to 90 days following the signing, for no additional charge.


Funding is an ongoing process that will take days, weeks, and often months to complete after your estate planning documents have been signed.

An unfunded trust is a meaningless stack of paper, so funding is imperative. The funding process can either be handled completely by us, completely by you, or together.