I am paying cash for my property. Do I need a survey and title insurance?

When you pay cash for a property in Florida, you don’t need a survey, but having a survey is often good because if someone’s property next to yours is encroaching on yours, that’s what the survey uncovers or if there’s improvements done to the property that were un-permitted or something else was funny about them, the survey will reveal them. Also, it shows you where your property lines are if you’re going to do any type of improvements yourself.

Title insurance is optional, but no title agent and no closing attorney is going to touch a transaction without the insurance. What that provides you is the peace of mind that if there is someone that comes down and makes a claim to your property that you’re spending thousands, hundred, and often millions of dollars for, then you have someone that’s going to pay your legal fees based on the amount of coverage. Title insurance, even though it’s considered optional by some, you need it.

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