About Us

About Us

About Us

Goodwin Law P.A. is owned and operated by attorney Matt Goodwin, serving Collier and Lee Counties, Florida. The firm handles trust and estate planning for simple and complex estates, as well as real estate closings and escrow services to buyers and sellers of real estate.

Matt has built relationships with a number of trusted advisors who are available to aid his clients in their estate planning process ensuring the firm’s client have a comprehensive plan in place.

“Nothing strengthens the judgment and quickens the conscience like individual responsibility.”

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Woman’s Rights Activist (1815-1902)

In today’s age of technology, our society relies so heavily on computers to make decisions for us. However, when it comes to legal issues, there is no substitute for an attorney’s judgment. Computers are good for completing routine tasks, and for processing large amounts of data, but neither a computer nor a computer generated form you can download from the Internet is a genuine substitute for a lawyer’s individual judgment and counsel.

Matt realizes that there are many estate planning options out there, and you can now purchase a form will or even a trust on the internet at a substantial discount. However, what those documents lack are the judgment, counsel, and integrity of a real person.

Matt has worked in the service industry for more than 10 years. He has extensive experience working with people and enjoys solving complex problems. On the weekends, Matt enjoys spending time with his family, spending time outdoors, running and bike riding. He currently resides in the City of Naples with his wife Nancy, his two boys, Justin and Jaden, and their dog Max.